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Welcome to the Supplies Page!

Most of the experiments and projects on this site can be done using materials found around the house, or are readily available from one or more of the following local stores:

"Big box" store such as Wal-Mart
Consumer electronics store such as RadioShack
Education or teacher supply store
Museum stores - but you'll pay full price
And our all time favorite, the local "dollar store"

Once in a while you may decide you want to do a little more and will need to order equipment or supplies that are not available locally. There are many online stores that sell science sets, equipment and supplies, so unless you are looking for something a whole lot more dangerous than what is used in experiments here, you should have very little problem finding a supplier.

The suppliers listed below are ones that The Science Notebook staff has used in the past. None of these suppliers are advertisers or sponsors of this site, so feel free to shop around on your own. (All links open in a new window.)

Home Science Tools - This company is targeted toward home schoolers and others interested in science, and has a wide variety of science equipment and chemicals.  They sell in small quantities and their prices are very reasonable.  In addition, they sell all kinds of science kits.  If you can't find what you need locally, this is a great place to start!

 Elemental Scientific - This company sells microscopes, telescopes, lab equipment and chemicals. It carries some of the harder to find equipment and chemicals and is also a good source if you can't find something locally.

Scientifics - This is Edmund Scientific's online science supply site.  It has a lot of unique items, as well as some real classics. If you want something unusual, you'll probably find it here.  However, their prices are generally higher than the suppliers shown above for general science equipment and supplies, so compare before you buy.

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