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 Terms of Use for the Material on this Site

The Science Notebook is an educational site for curious people of all ages and is provided free of charge to its visitors.  Unless otherwise noted, all content is copyrighted by Norman Young.  You are free to use any material you find here as you see fit except that you may not sell all or part of the content, whether by itself or bundled with any other media.  It would also be nice if you would give proper credit to the site for any material you use.  And if you are doing a school project, giving credit is mandatory.  Otherwise, it is plagiarism, which is just a fancy word for cheating.

Every effort has been made to provide useful and accurate information and to avoid any inherently dangerous activities. However, while we don't want to get all legal on you, anyone using the information on this site does so at his or her own risk, and The Science Notebook will not be held responsible for any accident or injury as a result of the use of this site.

The site contains experiments and demonstrations that have been tested and are thought to be safe when done with proper supervision and a reasonable amount of care.  While many of these experiments may be done by children, some are more advanced and should not be attempted without adult supervision.  Also, some projects require the use of flame, heat, glass or sharp objects.  Any of these things can be dangerous if not used properly.  Activities that make use of these items are generally considered to be unsuitable for children without proper adult supervision.

The site also contains various science manuals used with science sets many years ago.  While some of the experiments contained in these sets are perfectly safe, others use chemicals, materials and procedures that would be considered hazardous today.  Therefore, these manuals are included here for historical purposes only.  If you should wish to attempt any of the experiments from these manuals, you must understand that you do so at your own risk.

Regardless, of the activity, safety should always be the number one consideration.  No matter how interesting or educational an experiment may be, it is not worth getting hurt, so please observe reasonable safety precautions when doing these or any other experiments.

You should also note that we do have links to a number of sites not connected in any way with The Science Notebook.  These links are offered here because they have been useful to the webmaster, but The Science Notebook does not control the content of external sites and will not be held responsible for any accident or injury as a result of the use of such sites.

If you canít agree to the above, please go elsewhere.  Otherwise, feel free to hang around and explore the wonderful world of science!

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