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Lionel Chem-Lab - Introduction

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NOTE:  This book was published in 1942 as a manual to accompany several Lionel Chemistry sets of the time.  While some of the experiments and activities here may be safely done as written, a number of them use chemicals and methods no longer considered safe.  In addition, much of the information contained in this book about chemistry and other subjects is outdated and some of it is inaccurate.  Therefore, this book is probably best appreciated for its historical value rather than as a source for current information and good experiments.  If you try anything here, please understand that you do so at your own risk.  See our Terms of Use.
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The Laboratory 9
Introduction 17
The Atmosphere 40
Water 59
Carbon 79
The Halogens 102
Silicon 112
Sulfur 121
Boron 137
Phosphorus 141
Ferrocyanides 149
The Calcium Group 152
The Alkali Metals 159
The Metals 163
Iron and Steel 183
The Copper Group 190
The Precious Metals 198
Flame and Bead Tests 201
Paints 205
Inks 211
Dyes 221
Textiles and Paper 229
Cosmetics 235
Other Industries 244
Household Chemistry 256
Soils and Fertilizers 283
Some Experiments in Chemical Magic 289
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